12 Step Cleaning process

Our 12 Step Complete Cleaning and protection process includes:

1. Pre-Inspection with fiber identification  To determine correct cleaning   agents, method and procedures for optimal results and minimal risk.

2. Job Set-up with some furniture moving and replacement  To create an efficient  job site, reduce potential damage and add convenience for clients desiring  cleaning under furniture.

3. Pre-vacuuming  to remove loose, dry soil prior to wetting the carpet

4. Pre-treating/ Pre-conditioning  to break the bond between soil and carpet  fibers.

5. Spotting“ to aid spot removal by utilizing specialized cleaning solutions.

6. Stain or restoration treatments -to chemically alter stains and render them invisible (like bleach does for textiles), * at an additional cost*.

7. Agitation  To loosen and suspend attached soil and residues.

8. Rinsing and extraction  to flush out soil, spots and soap residues while  neutralizing ph to minimize re-soiling and speed the drying process.

9. PH Neutralization  To return carpet fibers to the preferred chemical state  and enhance fiber performance.

10. Fiber protective treatment  to extend carpet life, enhance beauty and ease of care by improving both the soil and stain release characteristics of the  fibers. *Protective treatment additional charge*.

11. Grooming  to distribute protector, speed drying and provide an aesthetically pleasing finish.

12. Drying  to add convenience and reduce moisture related problems with high velocity air movement.

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