Our Equipment

The Equipment- second to none state of the art…

Blue Baron Truck Mount Carpet and Tile machine

I’m proud to use BLUE BARRON truckmount, with it’s state of the art systems it’s second to none. This unit give me ideal heat and vacuum to do the best job possible on your textiles.

Power Head for High Performance Carpet & Tile Cleaning”

Most carpet cleaners today still use the old manual scrub wand method simply because it has been around for over 40 years. Using a manual wand requires agreat deal of physical labor and only cleans from two directions, often producing only mediocre results. The manual wand is old technology and offers nothing new or different to market to your customers

The 360i Powers through Dirt!

Why is the Rotovac 360i better than a manual wand?

The manual scrub wand is a good cleaning tool for cleaning lightly soiled carpet. When cleaning more heavily soiled carpet, the wand becomes a beast of burden. Cleaning results depend upon the strength, stamina, and technique of the person working the wand. Cleaning heavily soiled carpets with a scrub wand is hard labor.The repetitive motion of scrubbing back and forth is extremely strenuous and fatiguing.

First and foremost the Rotovac 360i is an electric power tool. Comparing the Rotovac to a wand is like comparing a skill saw to a hand saw. We have converted a back and forth manual task to a much easier and more efficient rotary mechanized operation.

The Rotovac 360i makes more cleaning passes per minute than is possible with a manual scrub wand. In addition, the cleaning passes are from all directions rather than just back and forth. This is what produces better cleaning results with far less operator fatigue.

The Rotovac 360i on average leaves the carpet about 20% drier when compared to a manual scrub wand under similar conditions.

ROTOVAC 360i Cleaning Super dirty carpet!

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