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Contact us by email for a quick free quotePricing- Many companies in the cleaning and restoration business are reluctant to post prices. There are two reasons, one is you never know exactly what the job entails so they need to be careful and the second is they want to beat the next guys price to get your business. We will never be your lowest price and we will not be the most expensive but we’ll always be fair and under promise and over delivery on each job. We hope it helps you to list our prices so there are no uncertainties in a simple process to hire a service company but is so important to you and your family’s health. Bee A Healthy Home, hopes to earn your business.

Pricing– Bee A Healthy Home carpet cleaning

No hidden charges, No Up sells, No Bait & Switch, No Games!

Our pricing is 100% transparent and always includes vacuuming, pre-spotting, preconditioning, deep restorative cleaning and grooming.

Difficult spots and stains may cost additional, but if we have to charge more, we will always let you know ahead of time. Extra charges would only apply in certain circumstances for stains requiring special techniques or products. Usually these include dye stains (kool-aid, wine, mustard, etc) and pet urine stains.

Light furniture moving included – This would include, tables, chairs and other small movable furniture. We will not move any large oversize items such as beds, entertainment centers, hutches, computer stations, antiques, pianos or anything with fragile or electronic items.

Hot Water Extraction
· 3 Room Special – $150.00
Your choice of any 3 areas or rooms. Process includes vacuuming, spotting, pre-conditioning, deep cleaning and grooming. Up to 350 “cleanable” square feet. Open Areas only.
· 4 Room Cleaning – $175.00
Includes any 4 rooms or areas of your choice up to 500 “cleanable” square feet. Process includes vacuuming, spotting, pre-conditioning, deep cleaning and grooming.
· 5 Room Carpet Cleaning – $199
Includes any 5 rooms. Process includes vacuuming, spotting, pre-conditioning, deep cleaning and grooming. Open Areas only.
· Stairs – $3 per step
· Whole House Special – $249

For all the accessible carpet in your home up to six rooms. Service includes vacuuming, spotting, pre-conditioning, deep extraction cleaning and grooming. Includes vacuuming, spotting, pre-conditioning, deep cleaning and grooming

· Additional Carpet Services
Pet odor and stain service $20.00 per area with carpet cleaning.

Note normal carpet cleaning will not remove pet odor or stains. Deodorizing included on each job. Stain removal quote per stain.

· CARPET & FABRIC PROTECTOR- ($15 per area)
We use the best protector on the market that also happens to be DFE certified by the EPA as safe for humans and pets and earth friendly!
· Mattress Cleaning – $138 minimum
Our mattress cleaning service has a minimum charge of $138 for two mattresses. Crib mattress $59, Twin $69, Full $79, Queen $89, King $99,Pillows N/C

· Additional Services- carpet stretching-carpet repair-spot dying

After careful inspection and testing of the fabric, we use a combination of hand and machine cleaning, with special solutions and products specifically formulated for upholstery to give the best and safest cleaning.
o $99 – Sofa and Loveseat Special (up to 12 linear feet)
o $120 – Sectional (up to 12 linear feet)
o $39.95 – Side Chairs
o $79.95 – Sofa (up to 7 linear feet)
o $49.95 – Love Seat
o $69.95 – Recliner
o $19.95 – Dining style chairs (back & seat)

*An area is defined as any space of 200 sq ft or less. Living/Dining combo areas will be considered 2 areas. Rooms larger than 200 sq ft will be considered 1 1/2 – 2 areas, depending on size.

Hard Surface Cleaning/Sealing – Tile and Fine Stone
· Tile & Grout Cleaning – $150.00 minimum
Tile and grout cleaning for up to 200 total sf, then 65¢ per square foot for additional area.
· Grout Sealing – $38 minimum
Our grout sealing service has a minimum charge of $38 for up to 200 total sf, then 25¢ per square foot for additional area.
· Grout Color Sealing –
Our grout color sealing service is $1.50 per sq foot which includes grout cleaning. min 200.00 square feet
· Shower Cleaning/Restoration using Dry Vapor Steam – $175-$250.00
· Kitchen Tile Counter Cleaning/Restoration using Dry Vapor Steam – $150.00-$200.00
· Natural Stone Cleaning & Sealing – $150.00 minimum
Our Natural Stone cleaning & sealing service has a minimum charge of $150.00 for up to 150 total sf, then 95¢ per square foot for additional area. Travertine-Marble-Limestone-Slate and others.

· Natural Stone Honing/Lipage removal/Polishing/Scratch removal/Removal of old sealer- are quoted per job

Air Duct Cleaning
· Air Duct Cleaning – $45.00 per register or $450.00 Greater Sacramento Area
Contact us by email for a quick free quoteSo you need your Air Ducts cleaned but you’re not sure how it’s done who to have do it and now much should you pay for the job. Let’s cover the how it’s done, most companies use Air or negative Air to hopefully move the dirt in your ducts toward a big vacuum. I use a different type of process where I inset a cable with a appropriate size brush that adjusts itself to the diameter of the ducting, I’m able to reverse the brush to bring the dirt out of the duct into a HEPA filter vacuum. The key is I’m able to agitate the dirt many times and bring it out leaving you with clean ducts. Ask yourself this question: you have a dining room table that hasn’t been dusted for many months or maybe forever. The dust is very thick now you want to clean it for your guest coming over would you bend down and blow the dust off leaving most all of it there or would you use a rag and actually wipe the dust away. Well my system is like taking a rag to your duct and cleaning them instead blowing Air over the dust. You choose! The cost is very inexpensive compared to many other companies, new technology vs. old school ways. Service include: cleaning of each supply line, return line, all registers are cleaned with soap and water, sheet metal that register mount to are cleaned, video inspection of lines as needed. All this is included with no hidden charges
· Dryer Vent Cleaning – $199.00 Greater Sacramento Area
Dryer Vent cleaning service has one charge of $199.00 for a Dryer Vent single story or two story. Price included agitation of Dryer Vent ducting to loosen lint from ducting walls, removal of all lint and dirt, forced air induction to make one final sweep of the ducting, video camera inspection before and after to show you the job has been done correctly.


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