Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet  & Upholstery Clean

Don’t throw away your money on new furniture, instead, let us help you SAVE MONEY with professional upholstery cleaning. I use cutting edge
upholstery cleaning techniques that will:

Remove Ugly Stains & Spots

Remove Harmful Allergens

Extend The Life Of Your Furniture By
Protecting Your Furniture From Damage

Eliminate Foul Odors & Leave Your

Furniture Smelling Fresh & New


Upholstery Cleaning and Sanitizing
Upholstery that is not regularly cleaned traps dust, skin particles, body oils, dust mites and other environmental pollutants in fibers, cracks and crevices in your couch, chair, sofa or anything that is upholstered. That can lead to damaged upholstery and can cause poor air quality that circulates in your home. Professionals advise that all upholstery in the home will be cleaned every other year to reduce the allergens.

If maintained, Upholstered furniture last longer, look cleaner and help you maintain a healthy living environment for your family and pets, free from dust and allergic particles.

The benefit of vapor steam cleaning is that it can use tap water alone ” and no harsh cleansers or chemicals. This makes it very environmentally friendly, as well as safe for people with sensitivities to harsh chemicals. Due to its ability to destroy and remove allergens from surfaces, it comes highly recommended for allergy sufferers.


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