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Hi there, my name is Bob and I’m the owner operator of Bee A Healthy Home. So you need your Air Ducts cleaned but you’re not sure how it’s done who to have do it or how much you should pay for the job. Lets cover the how it’s done, most companies use Air or negative Air to hopefully move the dirt in your ducts toward a big vacuum. I use a different type of process where I insert a cable with a brush that adjusts itself to the diameter of the ducting, I’m able to reverse the brush to bring the dirt out of the duct into a vacuum. The key is I’m able to agitate the dirt many times and bring it out leaving you with clean ducts.

Before and After air duct cleaning job.

Why Choose Us for Your Air Duct Cleaning Services?

The cost of my process is very inexpensive compared to many other companies.

Ask yourself this question: you have a dining room table that hasn’t been dusted for many months. The dust is very thick, now you want to clean it for your guest coming over would you bend down and blow the dust off leaving most all of it there or would you use a rag and actually wipe the dust away. Well my system is like taking a rag to your duct and cleaning them instead of blowing Air over the dust. You choose! On top of this process I insure the ducts are clean by inserting a video camera in the ducts showing you on a monitor what your ducts look like.

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Five star ratings for air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning

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